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Zhang to the sunrise glasses make different shapes

by:Eugenia     2020-07-16
Was a cover girl champion zhang ruili in the sunrise appearance level good figure is good, can easily hold all kinds of style. But concave shape must not forget tool - — Glasses and frame glasses or sunglasses can be very good embellish, north modelling big points! Here is zhang to the sunrise made of two kinds of style of glasses, dear friends can draw lessons from it. 1, sports fashion stars are near show ma3 jia3 line and big long legs, workout doesn't stop, we actually zhang to the sunrise classmate in this aspect is also a senior veteran, concave shape modelling, the show is a cinch. Zhang to the sunrise to pick a set of both sports and fashion, bunt top girl attractive waist, clean and sexy, movement wide-legged pants show thin and long legs, a second turns into a full-on goddess, another pair of glasses, the cavity and at any time can be out of the gym, walk on the road to lead also leverage! Fitness girl who must be a broken-winged angel, although had ma3 jia3 line, small muscles, but all over the temperament also developed female han paper in the gym. Therefore, even if is going to the gym, also want to maintain gentle manner. Always take a pair of glasses, the wind off when motion, the rack at the time of the street, if there is a scholar of the visual sense a second change! This kind of literature and art fitness cavity is really let a person can't! 2, restore ancient ways the wind restoring ancient ways of literature and art has always been a fashionable inveterate habit, do you remember the last century's classic pop elements? Ripped jeans, round frame sunglasses, 28 bicycles, each item memorable aftertaste aftertaste again! 'The killer is not too cold in the modelling of classic sunglasses should be with round box killer Leon, today, the round frame sunglasses are still necessary sheet is tasted, Vintage it unique round box can modify profile modelling, exaggerated big lens more into the modern elements, whether match fashion dress or Vintage modelling, can make whole style more revealing! Want to deduce different fashion, all kinds of style, and then choose some for your own glasses, glasses to build your exclusive fashion, definitely will have unexpected effects oh ~
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