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Zhao fan bingbing sunglasses on the streets of New York

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
Takeaway: the hostess warp/weft in weibo bask in their group photo with zhao wei, fan bingbing, three beauty, dress up, wearing sunglasses on the streets of New York. Both of warp/weft complained: 'zhao wei, fan bingbing this baby too can stroll, go completely stop more than a dozen street, New York, I'm going to look for the cafe to rest, you continue. 'Fan bingbing and zhao zhao fan bingbing sunglasses on the streets of New York, also go shopping in New York. The conventional rumors, zhao wei, fan bingbing out can be sidelined. Fan bingbing also summarizes the three beauties in New York shopping process, is to 'eat eat! Buy buy buy '. Goddess who is ready to eat ZuiRuan, buy a hand full of rhythm. Fabric for zhao wei, fan bingbing film campaign as a moderator, privately and two goddesses have very good personal relationship, it is no wonder that three people together shopping in New York. Zhao wei and fan bingbing, not only because of 'the princess huanzhu' get to know each other, two people, which is still the same, film and television company's shareholders. After Zhao Weizeng disclosure 'return bead for a WeChat group, everyone in my free time, just chat together. Netizens said: 'see you with zhao wei, you will think of lin2 xin such as, how great your sa go shopping to a five brother er kang or something, was born in 97, from small see big'. This time is really only and the swallow up alone. Two people on the trip is to participate in training the metropolitan museum of art charity ball, more make the fans are looking forward to the next process. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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