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Zhao wei family swim taibai mountain sunglasses good have love his family

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
Winter skiing for pleasure is a good season, but speaking of skiing, have to mention is the changbai mountain. Changbai mountain, holy water, qi Lin, fairy fruit, such as reputation, attracted a group after group of interest to tourists. Recently, the Chinese star zhao wei walks changbai mountain, portable family and basked in weibo. Had said in April last year and daughter small travel in changbai mountain of zhao wei seems to be buzzing, and swim together with daughter and husband recently changbai mountain skiing, also explosive changbai mountain skiing. But from its explosive shown in the pictures, only one individual skiing alone, there's a alpacas photo, did not see his daughter and husband Huang Youlong small April. Changbai mountain but, according to a resort, according to official weibo zhao changyou changbai mountain with family, with a sweet family photo. In this photo, 3 a thick winter coat, wearing a ski mirror, sweet and happy. Daughter little April a stunning and cute glasses nestled in dad's arms, super cute.
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