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Zheng Shuang street sell sugar-coated berry, cool sunglasses with handsome dad rob mirror

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
Small make up a open a webpage, today was hot in real-time Zheng Shuang street sell sugar-coated berry news attracted the line of sight, to have a look at what happened, the first reaction is what the hell, what to make of it. Looked after just understand, originally is a great sister and dad in hunan TV's new variety show 'whirlwind son', the somebody else is recorded in the program? Small make up immediately to sigh in your heart, or too young. Ha ha, innocent as I. But this is not the point! The point is, although small cool modelling and fresh but person, even without makeup is beautiful for it was so good-looking, but suck eyes it is not a little cool! But standing beside Zheng Shuang great dad! The cool standing in the bright side, is such a cool hand in pocket, cool just idle idle looking at small bright busy people, really is a great dad? Also too handsome! ! ! ! It's really not where ran out of male star? You look cool dad that outfit, black line hat and dark glasses, dark blue coats, coupled with the even wearing sunglasses still see good facial contour, no problem dad a tide! Bright eye is that pair of dark sunglasses, don't be too cool, wet and cool, did you also want a pair of itch? Saying no wonder small cool grow so beautiful, the family genes in here! Have such a handsome dad, small song can not beauty! Small make up but a calculate, shuang dad is expected to be a fire, so a photo out, will be no problem haven't debut already circle powder ha ha ha.
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