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Zheng Yitong share my lenses experience at a fashion show and easy ( Figure)

by:Eugenia     2020-08-14
Sina entertainment inquiry in recent days, the actor Zheng Yitong at a fashion shows, shows not only talk about nowadays in the trend of the hot spots, a more generous share discuss the ever-changing lenses use opportunely mascara making experience. As hunan satellite TV channel TV home attraction in ratings miracle, Zheng Yitong name gradually well known. Recently, Zheng Yitong is become the darling of the each big fashion events, invitations, she constantly every appearance lets a person feel amazing, ever-changing shape is very impressive, especially the pair of electric power is dye-in-the-wood changed lenses. Zheng Yitong in this programme have to share a lot of experience using the lenses yourself. The TV series starring Zheng Yitong, nimbus 'daikin veins in shandong, cooperation for the first time and nimbus, Zheng Yitong said he also really looking forward to.
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