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Zhou bichang without makeup glasses propaganda new song 'enjoy'

by:Eugenia     2020-08-23
The second installment, 'I'm a singer', to a successful counter attack 'tired', praised by fans, and her new song 'enjoy' MV also released on today. For a year and a half, did not release his new album, 'enjoy' as their new album 'UNLOCK' hardcover version listed before a little gift for fans. As, to pay attention to the 'UNLOCK' is high participation of a record, in the record, for the first time, as the part-time job, the amount of the album and fully participate in the planning, production, promotion, 'UNLOCK' swept the top, handed over to the public a proud music transcript. 'UNLOCK' hardback cover in a unique way to display a bolt, on the other side of the bright headscarf with fashion glasses, then to show the bolt hazy aesthetic feeling. Album also includes a behind the scenes - more, ending UNLOCK by real state.
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