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Zhou huimin resurfaced, black sunglasses excursions and fresh

by:Eugenia     2020-08-13
This year into the line of the 25th anniversary of the zhou huimin soon resurfaced, held in the red light in 19 and 20, two DeepV25 zhou huimin concert, she emerged in Hong Kong a few days ago, to change a clothes do not hesitate to cross the road, very dangerous. According to Hong Kong 'sing tao daily' news, a few days ago, zhou huimin aboard his babysitter to causeway bay, carrying a bag bag, she jumped out of the car, immediately rushed to the street, she just across the road, extremely dangerous, fortunately, at that time, few vehicles. Meet with a friend on the road, zhou huimin went to a fashion shop, she bought a dress before, but don't fit, so she personally come change of clothes. Zhou huimin is a concert this week, she specially idol of the 80 s, please kashiwabara fang hui, in addition, more in the old partner Sean Andy as a performer.
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