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Zhu Yilong contracted low-key glasses with charm

by:Eugenia     2020-08-04
Street photography in Vienna Zhu Yilong a group of street snap photo exposure. Black fleece leisure tie-in thin leg jeans, minimalist style show low-key style, contracted and comfortable all show youthful vitality, black-rimmed glasses covered face more add a sunshine handsome. Zhu Yilong profile was born on April 16, 1988, wuhan in hubei province, China mainland actor, graduated from Beijing film academy performance grade 2006 undergraduate course. In 2009 in the film 'and'; In 2010, starring movie palace legend ', in the same year, in the Ming dynasty palace drama 'daming concubines'; 2012 TV series 'family dinner', as Mr Bean. In 2013 starring emotional drama 'kiss grow' of the republic of China, who plays ChiRui. In March 2014 in urban youth play the love I say to you, as FanWei; September in cologne martial arts blockbuster 'new shaw eleven lang', together play the role of wall; On October in large ancient costume historical drama 'Mi biography, as Qin Zhaoxiang Wang Ying millet. In March 2015, emotional light comedy starring large capital 'royal elder sister return', plays a male what fun; In June 2015 in cologne martial arts drama the border town of news, as a male hongxue; In September, 2015, in an adaptation of 'ghost at slope' nursery '3 d movie, play 1 less CDH. If there is demand please contact delete pictures from network
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