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15, Chen He wear black very wonderful work

15, Chen He wear black very wonderful work


 What is mentioned black than you think of? The high cold? Handsome? Fashion? Or aloof? 吗? 吗? Chou wore black over unruly look on his face, very cool stuck-up GuLiNa wearing black deduce summer street fashion, very fashionable and easy Han Dongjun wearing black at the airport, very sunshine handsome but you see genius Chen He and big black bull 15 black as! Two person sits, how there is a silly force style? Chen He prone on the ground, than scissorhands, 15 motionless. Chen He behind the sofa 'play handsome', 15 motionless. Chen He trash can set on his head, 15 remained motionless. Two people also are wearing black, but the style seems a bit wrong flavor! 15 sitting on the sofa, with his hands on your lap motionless, lay aside Chen He is sprawled do all sorts of strange flower, is very funny. Small make up just want to say, the charm of 'black is all the English you all! So high pretend bility of black can't save you mentally handicapped and stir force mew: ahaha ha ha Chen He illustrated wrote: 'even if in the airport lounge also cannot give up to bully tua! Sawyer! Bully tua! 'Netizens to leave a message,' this is a blind man and his seeing eye dog daily ', 'strives for the morning mother heart shadow area', 'inside 15: mama of intellectual disabilities. Recommended: 'black glasses ray ban RB2132 - F men sunglasses 622/17 black/dazzle colour blue chip ray-ban RB4228F 901/71 men sunglasses black/dark green pictures from Internet, if you want to delete please contact .

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