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Kong hyo-jin endorsement GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses fan shape fashion

Kong hyo-jin endorsement GENTLE MONSTER sunglasses fan shape fashion


Fashion sunglasses brand GENTLE MONSTER in 19 released and kong hyo-jin cooperation of sunglasses. GENTLEMONSTER to opening in New York, Paris, Seoul fashion week stage shows and hood by air, pushBUTTON and wooyoungmi fashion brands of successful cooperation experience introduced a design of sunglasses with kong hyo-jin capsule series. Peace recognized there are special representatives of the fashion sense of manhole filial piety is common to the difference of the experimental design of GENTLE MONSTER, which became the focus of attention. Kong hyo-jin unique color and sweet emotional appeal and GENTLE MONSTER sensibility to combine, it will launch this TYPE series, a total of three. TYPE 1 in the form of the cat's eye because of kong hyo-jin before the advent of wearing appearance and become a hot spot at the airport. Cutting line has the unique charm of TYPE2 made of reflects the trends of youth wind is expected to get the welcome of fashionable personage. TYPE 3 is round frame sunglasses is expected in May. Design is distinctive, can show a completely different style, often implied the use of different style shows Kong Xiao true charm of landscape in front of everyone. Cooperation sunglasses' TYPE 1 and TYPE 2 on February 19 began in GENTLE MONSTER national department stores and retail stores and can be seen in the online mall.
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