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MIDO 2023 is ready

MIDO 2023 is ready


Exhibition introduction

2023 Milan Optical Glasses Exhibition (MIDO), exhibition time: 2023.02.04~02/06, exhibition location: Italy-Milan-Rho-Pero, Milano, Italy-New Milan Convention Complex, organizer: Fiera Milano S.p.A., holding cycle: once a year, exhibition area: 25,000 square meters, visitors: 58,000 people, the number of exhibitors and exhibiting brands reached 1305.

MIDO was first held in 1970 and is held annually. MIDO is the world's largest professional eyewear exhibition. The exhibition attracts exhibitors from more than 50 countries and regions in the world and is a grand event for the global optical glasses industry. Due to the high grade and good quality of the products exhibited at the exhibition, coupled with the latest styles and technologies launched by the Italian eyewear industry, these factors can guide the trend and direction of global eyewear consumption, so it enjoys a high reputation in the same industry exhibition in the world. The purpose of the exhibition is to allow people and visitors in the industry to have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the development status and future fashion trends of the world's eyewear manufacturing industry.

Contents of the exhibition 
Types: sunglasses, children's glasses, sports glasses, reading glasses, contact lenses, protective glasses, 3D glasses, etc

Spectacle frames: metal frames, plastic frames, mixed material frames, etc 

Lenses: optical resin sheets, optical glass sheets, PC lenses, sunglasses lenses, progressive multifocal lenses, orthostatic contact lenses, lens embryos, etc

Scope of the exhibition
Equipment and instruments: refractometer, special tools for refraction, lens measuring instrument, edge grinding instrument, special equipment for optical stores, software and hardware for the glasses industry, glasses-related equipment, optical equipment and tools, microscopes, glasses-related equipment, glasses special tools, glasses manufacturing equipment optometry and ophthalmic equipment, glasses raw and auxiliary materials, vision correction instruments, ocular optical instruments, etc
Exhibition data

More than 1,000 exhibitors from all over the world are attending MIDO, scheduled to open on Saturday, February 4 at Fieramilano Rho. Representing the entire eyewear industry supply chain. Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Denmark, the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, India, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, and even Mauritius are on the list. A large number of activities will bring the three-day show to life. On the calendar of events in the OTTICLUB space in Hall 3 (soon to be published on our website), there is Nick Cerioni, creative director and celebrity stylist for Måneskin, Orietta Berti, Gianni Morandi, Jovanotti, Laura Pausini, Pierfrancesco Favino and other celebrity endorsements.

Cerioni will be featured in How to? On Saturday, February 4 at 1 p.m., a session entitled "How to Define Appearance and Personality Through Glasses" was held in the OTTICLUB space. Seeing styling as an opportunity for opticians". How about the rest? Topics include the interior design of architect Martino Berghinz's retail optical store (Sunday, February 5, 3 pm, OTTICLUB), as well as exchanges and ideas between researcher Luisa Aschiero and multidisciplinary artist Felice Limosani (Monday, February 6, 1 pm, OTTCLUB). Back to Saturday: On the 10:30 am calendar, ANFAO's Enhancing Women in Optics Leadership project aims to support women in leadership career paths in the eyewear industry. The conference will be moderated by journalist Barbara Serra, sponsored by the Foundation Bellisario, and produced in collaboration with SDA Bocconi (School of Management). 

Together with MIDO 2023, the conference "Ophthalmology, Optics, and Optometry: New Technologies and the Future" will be held on Saturday, February 4 at 4:30 p.m. in the Fieramilano Rho Auditorium, organized by the publishers of b2eyes and EyeSee in collaboration with MIDO. Participants included Giovanni Vitaloni, President of MIDO and ANFAO, as well as representatives of Italian politics, industrial and retail eyewear professionals, and ophthalmologists.

MIDO will be open on Saturday, February 4, and Sunday, February 5 from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Monday, February 6 from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. in Fieramilano (Strada Statale del Sempione 28 – Rho).

 FROM "HOW TO? "At the beginning, it is a series that tells about the actual day-to-day activities that take place in the optical store: realistic content on different topics, such as style consultations, point-of-sale renovations, marketing and communication, events as a means of communication, etc., which will take place next week at MIDO. Each conference, currently planned for four, will take place in the OTTICLUB space in Hall 3 and will feature renowned speakers from the most diverse industries, some even from outside the eyewear industry. The date and time are accessible online at www.mido.com.


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