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OPTI 2023

OPTI 2023

We participate in trade fairs for many reasons. Let's learn. Let's go to the web. We go to belonging. Let's take a look at what's new in the optical industry. As the old saying goes, "the early bird eats," and it's worth getting up early to explore something new before everyone else. When you want to beat everyone else, it's worth crossing the ocean and looking at new technologies in the field of optics before everyone else. That is why, last month, we were delighted to participate in OPTI 2023 in Munich with more than 15,000 optical professionals. Yes, we hardly had time to pluck the tree, put away the candlesticks, pick up the confetti for the New Year, and then board the plane and cross the Atlantic Ocean for 9 hours to the Munich exhibition center to see the first major optical trade show of the year, OPTI 2023 on January 13, 14 and 15.

Hello, OPTI! 

This is my first time choosing Munich and I know I will come back. Munich is wonderful in January. Despite being ready for a winter wonderland, the weather in Munich is actually warmer than home in Denver. The atmosphere in Munich was equally warm and welcoming. In the three halls of OPTI, a wonderful optical exhibition 2023 was held. One of the good things I've noticed about Opti is that the vast majority of the show is for independent brands and companies. That's not to say there aren't optical venues for big companies, just the pleasure of being on a show where the domination and discovery of independents is the watchword of the weekend. 

When I was in the business of discovering and reporting on new product lines and new companies, I saw a lot of brands that I had almost no exposure to before attending Opti. I was also exposed to some wonderful new designs from many brands that I was very familiar with. Just like most other European optical trade shows, you'll see wonderful ways to display your glasses that can really make your store stand out from the competition. 
New in 2023

So what's new in 2023? Each brand has its own stories to tell, and we hope to share those stories throughout the spring. The general consensus I can share is that this year is my year. I mean, chunks of frames appeared. Many companies showed big, bold designs at Opti. They also showed a lot of colors. It was as if once the lockdown was over, the frame designers were unleashed and they were able to play for the first time in years.

While the German optics community may wear black, their frames are completely different. In January, huge striking shapes and rich colors seem to permeate the Munich exhibition grounds, which you will see in the coming months at the MIDO, 100% Optics and Vision Fair. If you want to start next year, I suggest you join me and more than 15,000 optical professionals for OPTI at the Munich Messe on January 12-14, 2024.

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