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Protective face shield types

Protective face shield types


Protective face mask shield is a kind of industrial protective face shield used to protect eyes and face from dust, chemical substances, hot gas, poisonous gas, debris and other harmful substances head-on. It is equipped with toothed knobs on the elastic head clip and large curved thin curved transparent cover on the toothed knobs. Large arc thin curved transparent cover in the elastic head clip with tooth knob can be rotated on the face or the top of the head. 

Face shield can be used together with gas respirator, dust respirator and working cap to achieve the purpose of comprehensive face protection. 

According to the use of different types of face shield: welding face shield, safety protective face shield, medical protective face shield, gas face shield, radiation face shield.

Type of protective face shield, this kind of product also is divided into safe type face shield and shade face shield. 

Safety face shield: it is to defend against the harmful objects of solid or liquid, such as toughened glass face mask, plexiglass face shield, wire mesh face mask shield, etc.

Shade face shield: it is used to protect the eye surface from harmful radiation, such as welding mask, furnace face shield, etc. 

Industrial anti splash face shield

 Series anti-splash face shield is to suit different application environments to protect your face, such as high temperature, chemical corrosion, infrared radiation, arc and so on.

V-gard anti-splash face shield Features :

1. The detachable dustproof module provides good sealing between the helmet and the face shield frame to prevent dust or liquid from entering;

2. The face shield frame can be moved forward and backward to adapt to the filtering respiratory protection products.

3. Detachable ear face shield adapter can easily match the ear shield; 

4. Unique V-shaped diversion channel to prevent rainwater accumulation;

5. High temperature resistant frame can be used at 177℃ high temperature.

Note :

1. Wear appropriate personal protective equipment;

2. Wear protective glasses, say safety googles or eye mask when wearing anti-splash face shield;

3. Regularly check the surface screen of face shield, and replace it immediately if it is damaged.

4. Combine the anti-splash face shield frame and the face screen of MSA. The mismatched frame and the face screen may not reach the proper safety performance.

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