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What are raw materials for bulk sunglasses production?

What are raw materials for bulk sunglasses production?



Raw materials are materials or substances used in the primary production or 

manufacturing of bulk sunglasses . 

There are different grades and classes of raw materials. 

The selection is based on material properties, the needed properties of the final 

product, and many other factors. 

And it is also subject to rules and regulations governing the suitability of 

production from the country of origin. If you are not sure which material you need 

or can be substitute, Eugenia Eyewear Company Ltd. can help you analyze the best 

to satisfy your application requirements.

Lots of people choose Eugenia for safety goggles, which owns to Eugenia's leading 

status in global market. According to the material, Eugenia's products are divided 

into several categories, and safety goggles is one of them. Finished in oversized 

square sunglasses material, our square sunglasses can offer many advantages. 

The product has a very long-lasting life. Customers who bought this product 2 years 

ago said it still functions excellently till now.

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