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Discover the transformation from classic to avant-garde

Discover the transformation from classic to avant-garde


Perfecting the art of eyewear
EUGENIA has been moving forward and has been focusing on one thing for 20 years – perfecting the art of eyewear. The evolution of the archetypal shape reveals a harmonious elevation of geometric simplicity, characterized by bold sculpted lines, most evident in the 2023 new model. This large acetate frame is designed to be both strong and sturdy, and the negative lens space represents great power. The shape of the frame draws your eyes to the solid cornerstone of the eyebrow line while drawing your gaze through the negative space of the lens – reaching outward to escape. To this is added a deadly beautiful temple with spear tips and acetate colors representing stone and glass, again reminiscent of the classic materials of the development of civilization.


The future of iconic frames takes another step forward by effortlessly complementing this oversized frame, EUGENIA's biggest design in more than 20 years. Further inspired by the two-tone look of luxury watches, the use of enamel detailing on the edge of the lenses and the leading edge of the temples is unprecedented in the eyewear industry.


As the culmination of the classic evolution of avant-garde design, EUGENIA introduces oversized frames that incorporate bold design details – lines wrap around the oversized lens edge and extend purposefully to the edge of the frame. Kicked off the series' momentum. Presented in the form of a shield, the frame contains almost uncontrolled power and speaks for itself, available in two colors, the extraordinary galactic cobalt and the timeless classic satin black.

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