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How to get started with your first sunglasses design

How to get started with your first sunglasses design

Product Design
Owning your own design brand has always been the expectation of many people. People like to make the ideas they design on the drawings into real objects, but in reality, there are not many factories that can help you realize the design styles, and we are one of the few, EUGENIA Strive to create an eyewear brands that allows wearers to incorporate their individual needs into their designs, yet provides enough comfort for everyday wear. Thanks to the professional creative design team, they can transform your composition, even simple hand-painting, into 2D and 3D stereoscopic effects, create glasses with both artistic and commercial purposes, and help you realize your glasses design brand.
Service concept
EUGENIA's service concept focuses on changing customers' glasses shopping experience by producing highly customized glasses (including optical glasses and sunglasses), which meet customers' individual design needs and have exclusive design styles and colors, which cannot be achieved by traditional manufacturing. realization concept. At present, EUGENIA has served thousands of design brands and created tens of thousands of customized creative glasses. If you have design needs, please contact us

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Ⅰ. Reasonable selection of materials

Ⅱ. Choose a reasonable structure
Ⅲ. Simplify the mold structure

Ⅳ. Cost control

Ⅰ. Reasonable selection of materials

When designing a style, the first thing to consider is the selection of materials. The material not only determines the function of the product but also determines the price of the product. We will suggest materials according to the needs of customers.

(1) Choose according to the application place of the product.

Glasses are daily consumption, so the product materials should be made of materials with good strength, easy surface treatment, not easy to rust, not easy to wear, and easy to form, such as PC, TR, or recyclable environmental protection materials for plastic materials, etc., and metal materials Copper, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc alloy, etc.

(2) Choose according to the market positioning of the product.

Before designing a product, the market positioning of the product will also have an impact on the selection of materials. Product quality is divided into high-end, middle-end, and low-end, and products of different grades correspond to different markets. For high-end products, select the best among the best materials, for mid-range products, the material performance is acceptable, and for low-end products, the cost of materials should be reduced as much as possible.

(3) Choose according to the function of the product.

The functions of the products are different, and the selection of materials is also different. Sports sunglasses with sports functions will inevitably bring wear, so wear-resistant materials must be considered in the selection of materials. There are many wear-resistant materials, such as most metal materials are generally wear-resistant, and wear-resistant plastic materials such as PA (nylon material) ), POM (race steel material), rubber materials such as natural rubber, etc.

Ⅱ.Choose a reasonable structure

Product structure design is not as complex as possible. On the contrary, under the premise of satisfying product functions, the simpler the structure, the better. The simpler the structure, the easier it is to make molds, and the simpler the structure is, the easier it is to produce and assemble. There are fewer problems. We will propose the simplest product structure suggestion according to your individual customization needs, and help you produce the final product faster and more conveniently.

Let me give an example to illustrate: In the structural design of eyeglasses, the commonly used fixing methods are screw fixing, buckle fixing, hot-melt fixing, ultrasonic welding fixing, etc. How to use these fixing methods? Generally speaking, screw fixing is the most reliable and detachable, and should be preferred; hook fixing is convenient and simple, but the fixing reliability is not high, so it can be used in combination with screws; hot-melt fixing, etc. are used in specific places and should be used when necessary.

It is not allowed to have redundant structures during the product structure design. Redundant structures mean wasting design time, increasing the difficulty of mold processing, and wasting materials. When designing the product structure, the required structure must be done, and the dispensable structure should not be done at all. Every structure must be useful, including every screw.

Ⅲ.Simplify the mold structure as much as possible
After the product design is completed, a mold is needed to form it. When designing the product, it is necessary to ensure that the product can be manufactured through the mold. No matter how reliable the product structure design is, it is an unqualified structure that cannot be realized by the mold or is difficult to realize. As a structural engineer, one must have a certain understanding of the mold, the basic structure of the mold, the molding method of the product, the way of mold release, etc. Only in this way can the mold structure be simplified as much as possible during product design.

Take an example to illustrate that mold undercut is a structure that affects the normal mold release of the mold. The mechanism for solving undercut on the mold usually uses sliders and inclined tops, but this will increase the complexity of the mold and the cost of mold manufacturing. When carrying out structural design, the places with mold undercuts should be dealt with as much as possible, so that the product can be released from the mold normally. For example, some internal buckles can simplify the mold structure by scratching or bumping. However, some undercuts can only be kept undercuts, which can only be realized by adding sliders or inclined tops to the mold.

Therefore, in product design, the simplified mold must also be simplified after meeting the basic needs of the product.

Ⅳ.Cost control
Cost is the core part of a product, and the level of cost determines the profit margin to a large extent. Cost control starts from the beginning of product design. We will provide you with the most cost-effective solution according to your needs. When designing the product structure, the following aspects should be achieved in terms of cost.

(1) When selecting materials, on the premise of satisfying the function, try to choose materials with low prices.

(2) When modeling the product shape, the number of parts should be reduced as much as possible on the premise of satisfying the appearance.

(3) When designing the product structure, try to simplify the structure to save mold costs.

(4) When designing the product structure, choose an appropriate fixing method to save production and assembly costs.

(5) When product surface treatment, according to product positioning and appearance requirements, adopt appropriate surface treatment methods to save processing costs.

(6) When designing the product structure, use the company's existing materials as much as possible, and unify the material specifications as much as possible, such as screw models.

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