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OWDEN Eyewear sunglasses with a Double Standard

OWDEN Eyewear sunglasses with a Double Standard


Japanese glasses brand OWDEN Eyewear, by designer Yusuke Kimura founded, has more than ten years of design experience, has been continued for Japan as well as many overseas glasses brand equipment design, work more once appeared in Paris. OWDEN Eyewear glasses is Yusuke Kimura design in his own way, the first is to draw a prototype, after a specific data and specification, to personally make model, eventually relied on their own for metal sculpture and color configuration acuity, create a detail exquisite glasses. Recommended reading: OWDEN Eyewear x The New Black Optical glasses don't note blue gold brand in The heat in The summer, The sun under The sun fierce straight, especially for a New sun glasses a Double Standard, paragraph with Aviator glasses based on design, combined with a specially pure titanium metal stents made more solid frame, more access to limited edition of Japanese works extremely rare three color mercury mirror foil, in itself, with The sun on both sides of The lens and gray color coating, special mercury builds a different style of The brand.
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