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Prsr pasha glasses: star celebrity fashion collocation darling

Prsr pasha glasses: star celebrity fashion collocation darling


 In the collocation of fashion sheet is tasted, sunglasses are an integral part of, and Prsr pasha has been committed to create the most suitable for Asian outline and temperament of the sunglasses item. But in the choice of the glasses at ordinary times, often choose difficult confused, look at the star template, with reference to their temperament, choose to suit your Prsr pasha glasses! Star fashion shoot X jiang thin film? 吗? Recently, gentle goddess jiang worn thin film Prsr pasha glasses on the Harper's bazaar, Prsr pasha J6793 round candy frames to the goddess of the modern fashion sense. Wang Ou? 吗? Wang Ou with Prsr pasha T60085 perfect cut, demonstrate how to insert in the bride makeup fashionable sunglasses item. Contracted and generous square frames, with soft colors, build in the bride Look, there is no acosmia feeling. Zhang Li? 吗? Zhang Li wearing Prsr pasha T60070 glasses, irregular geometrical frame collocation circle lenses, between the irregular and sleek, create a harmonious sense of balance, elegant goddess, jing is colourful, romantic feelings as Paris. Wu jun? 吗? In the fashion magazine 'small endowment CHIC' in the July issue of 2016, wu jun handsome deduce Prsr pasha J64161 aviator sunglasses, mature man can give a person a kind of composed of breath, the joker can foil a handsome pilot mirror image, also can show a man uncle maturity man and god. Weichen contracted Prsr pasha J64155 aviator sunglasses, with male idol god weichen's trip to London fashion week, leisure dress up the scents of handsome and cool feeling. Jackie chan Prsr pasha T60080 blingbling glitter details is accompanied in restoring ancient ways, collision with the modelling of Jackie chan active naughty, fashionable retro yielded. Star light X out equipment frame, fashionable appearance and color matching, is Prsr pasha became a celebrity stars collocation is one of the most important item in shape. Gao? 吗? LOOK at the airport is one of the many star fashion designs show, gao wear Prsr pasha T60084 contracted glasses, appeared in the airport, although a leisure clothes for who, but still do not break dignified image of the goddess. Flora flora straight natural image of the goddess of the husband has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, Prsr pasha glasses under her interpretation seems to have added a bright and clear. Zhang Xinyi? 吗? Zhang Xinyi with Justin sweet honey is Prsr pasha of one of the lovers, full of heroic spirit Prsr pasha J64155 pilot glasses in her Look still can not cover up her little girl's sweet tender feelings. TongFei? 吗? In the west of Macao as a hair elder brother daughter TongFei, also wearing in holiday Prsr pasha together to enjoy the exotic amorous feelings. Pearl luster and grace make TongFei more have a charm. Lv Jiarong? 吗? Prsr pasha T60070 irregular geometrical frame, with a Lv Jiarong image of pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, shaping the modern urban leisure fashion. Pixie洛特? 吗? As Britain's most can dance and sing, one of the creative personality type female with a Sexy Girl of Pixie Lott makeup look has been very popular attention. Prsr pasha x W by WenJun 'balloon' to decay travelled countries cooperation, Pixie Lott 'balloon' came out, glasses unique modelling with Pixie cool modelling, caused the corruption peoples a heated discussion. Hao-ze wu has good performance in TV and network drama actor hao-ze wu, Prsr pasha J64161 more show his temperament of man and god. SiWenJia sweet host SiWenJia chose Prsr pasha x C. J。 YAO cooperation model with girlfriends 'Bestie' as the theme of the glasses, transparent lens and has a special meaning of irregular shape frame design, bring a full of modernist style fashion taste. Guarantee guarantee, a famous film star in TVB enchanting tender feelings the goddess of the image has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, when she meets Prsr pasha T60070 & amp; J6663, lightly cooked a sense of style design, with full details of picture frame details, to guarantee more add goddess of magic. Want to know more famous star favorite pasha glasses? Please continue to focus on pasha official WeChat continuous news update! ! ! ! Prsr pasha, nowhere not style Prsr pasha, fashion glasses brand was founded in 2003, with keen fashion sense, pasha become perfect competence of style. Blends Oriental facial contour features and aesthetic temperament and interest, and derive the popular elements into the design, with superb technology, excellent quality, the aesthetic feeling of the fashion and unique style of self perfect union, reveal a distinctive style charm for you.
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