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Chanel sunglasses Lu Han and Victoria song hit the same model

Chanel sunglasses Lu Han and Victoria song hit the same model


Chanel as the queen of fashion, the popular degree of chanel sunglasses is obvious. With so many stars and celebrities, wearing a very frequent for chanel sunglasses. As the world's fashion sunglasses style so much, recently Lu Han and Victoria song must hit the same kind of chanel sunglasses. Victoria song of clothing product has not been approved, but sometimes can wear very fashionable again. Look at the following Zhang Songqian show at the airport, the whole body is very low-key colour, but a little rebellious, seems to be the hearts of the fans want to temptation. But the key does not lie in her clothes, but rather in her face this chanel sunglasses. You might think of this pair of sunglasses as well as chanel, nothing special, but you look down the wear is the chanel glasses, that is a bit special. The star is Lu Han Lu Han in concert wear this pair of sunglasses and Victoria song that money is the same. Two dress are taking mixing line, have a little rebellious. Let's say this pair of chanel sunglasses, this pair of sunglasses overall modelling is very unique personality, a chanel product features, coupled with a low profile but is the color of the connotation, it is very suitable for Victoria song, Lu Han such age, star wearing very aura and fashion sense. It is no wonder that the star of the two different genders can hit on this pair of sunglasses. Finished watching Lu Han and Victoria song to wear the same kind of chanel sunglasses, both sides fans psychology have a little lost. But what not think they both have the focus of the small make up, but to express the degree of beloved chanel sunglasses. Sunglasses brand and design so much, just to have a star to wear the same brand of the same sunglasses, that means the brand sunglasses must be very recognized. Front also said chanel fans very much, maybe there are many stars wearing the sunglasses, just small make up ability is limited, has not yet been captured.
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