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Patrick tse tse father and son both love sunglasses, the reason is very different

Patrick tse tse father and son both love sunglasses, the reason is very different


 In everyone's impression, Patrick tse tse and his son have been revered sunglasses, for two people why like wearing sunglasses in any circumstances, the outside world has all kinds of speculation. Since be father and son, whether the cause of the two people wear sunglasses the same? Internet users do more than guess is Patrick tse tse love cool, and wearing dark glasses can make people look cool. But it seems that things are not so superficial. Tse has on a show with to be guest of Chen accused the cool sunglasses on the spot, Chen kun very disgusted to throw a headset asked him sunglasses off, think is wearing dark glasses show disrespect for players. Later, however, Chen kun behavior under attack from the net friend, because the tse wearing glasses is not to be cool, but Nicholas tse have eye diseases, it is said that the tse has been wearing sunglasses, because eye injury during filming. Ray-ban RB3025 unisex sunglass gold box blackish green (001/58 Polarized light) Nicholas tse early in the film 'invisible target', once accidentally tear ducts, under the strong light for a long time will be very uncomfortable, even tears. In propaganda film 'witness', the film director Dante lam has also confirmed that whether front of eye diseases. 'When he beat play, destroyed the eye of a tear ducts. 'Because there are such reasons, Nicholas tse got everyone understand the habit of wearing glasses. And the father of Nicholas tse xie xian also love glasses, he has his eye disease? Of course not, in a variety show, four elder brother Patrick tse said, has always loved glasses, not because of the cool, also not because our eyes have a problem, but because in a teacher said he hit a lot when you were young, to wear glasses in order to to conceal the affair. This reason sounds too interesting? It is no wonder that the 80 - year - old xie xian with small girlfriend a love is more than a decade, 49, two people completely no age gap, for many years. Was at sixes and sevens in the peach blossom is Patrick tse sunglasses to stand in the door. Patrick tse sunglasses we do not know what the reason is real or fake, but xie xian fell in love has been very stable to be true. This article from ynet, slightly modified, if you want to delete please contact.

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