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Meijuan xi exposure black-rimmed glasses sven handsome son

Meijuan xi exposure black-rimmed glasses sven handsome son


 Meijuan xi is a member of a showbiz winner level, offer numerous classic role for many years. In recent years, she is in a number of family ethics plays mother image, become a 'profession' the mother. Nearly hit the mother's war 'has moved many audiences, meijuan xi and old play bone Molly zhang clap for puma play more. It is reported, meijuan xi got married at the age of 30, her ex-husband is original 'water margin' in the 'a leopard head Lin chong' Zhou Ye mans. After marriage meijuan xi has experienced a miscarriage, gave birth to a son at the age of 39. But the arrival of the son and failed to save the marriage, meijuan xi and Zhou Ye mans eventually divorced, son live with meijuan xi. Now son xi man is 19 years old, tall, handsome and good at drawing picture, has a gift for art. Recently, the microblog when a group of xi men photos, tall, handsome in the photo wears a pair of black glasses, show fashion youth, and gentle and delicate, with pure and fresh feeling.                                                                            

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