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Yang mi tiffany tang sunglasses who compete

Yang mi tiffany tang sunglasses who compete


Sunglasses are stars love for concave shape, the two goddess figure Yang mi and tiffany tang besides appearance level is high, also have a passion for sunglasses. Girlfriends love between two people in the entertainment circle is also let a person envy, plus two people with attention, and to take the 'why sheng's xiao dream bigger live harder in the corner, so no comparison of the two sleeps, just look at the two good friends in private photos is dressed up, two more tide sunglasses goddess who? Both sunglasses covered face, wearing a denim jacket but apparently black hat tiffany tang more fashion, more than deserve to act the role of is more visible things are both popular logo fleece 'black face, but tiffany tang mirror sunglasses seems to be more eye-catching, choose to deserve to act the role of an important set of outfit, oh look at is the red dress, but Yang mi a leopard sunglasses covered face, appearing in the sexy, slightly better leisure fashion wind apparently to build a pair of big black box, the tiffany tang face foil more compact the conjugal love couples were more than black covered face, although just gave birth to the baby, but Yang mi fashionable hot mama image interpretation of incisively and vividly pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact .

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