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Yang Yang, a south Korean star sunglasses Gentle Monster smiled very city

Yang Yang, a south Korean star sunglasses Gentle Monster smiled very city


Recently sunglasses image has shift from summer sunshade products for fashion products, been a favourite of celebrities and the public. As aura bear, sunglasses can be applied to various occasions, street snap, airport to wear to wear, indoor also want to wear, holiday is absolutely cannot little! If only wear a white T-shirt with casual pants, as long as the rack a pair of sunglasses immediately star flavour is dye-in-the-wood, who can not love? Like bracelet or a watch to wait adorn article, purchase various styles of sunglasses occasion free to wear as the mood, concave shape take weapon! But need to remind you that when we choose the summer wear sunglasses, there are some details need to pay attention to. The expert reminds, suggest you buy uv protection sunglasses with good effect, avoid buying cheap sunglasses. To carefully check the UV block index and the ShanYan functions, such as UV block index above UV400 best. In order to avoid the harm by inferior sunglasses, the proposal goes to normal brand stores to buy everyone, don't those so-called cheap online purchase discount sunglasses. On taobao has a lot of sunglasses sold at very low prices or the source is not clear, investigation shows that the circulation channels in a lot of defective product service guarantee, appear even counterfeits behavior. And authentic website is very similar to some fake website, online consumers most of the time it is difficult to identify, as some Korean stars in same sunglasses Gentle Monster on the Internet has a lot of fake goods, consumers can easily buy inferior goods on the Internet. It is recommended that you want to brand products should identify the official sales outlets, to specify the sales office and store had to buy. Is familiar with the Han Chao you won't feel strange for the above mentioned Gentle Monster, quan zhixian of Asian goddess in Korean dramas in you from the stars often wear this brand of sunglasses, even the super star, G - hipster indicators Dragon and T. O. Korean stars such as P also Gentle Monster sunglasses fans! In short, this is a full of star fan's sunglasses. How can you don't have a? Block to violent sunlight at the same time, also can attract others envy of vision. Speaking of Korean stars in same sunglasses brand Gentle Monster, since 2011 founding brand, the brand's sales to turn 3 - every year Four times the speed of growth, this just four years sitting rockets state of a global phenomenon, not to mention Gentle Monster just glasses brand, even for the fashion of recent years, is also the best fashion brands. This super hot is now South Korea fashion sheet is tasted, at home also received from fans of a kind 'nickname' - — V card. For Gentle Monster, the brand is desired commercial and artistic the harmonious coexistence of the two extreme elements. Gentle Monster to the inherent philosophy and value as the center to provide differentiated designs. From unfamiliar material and the design of the original art peaked personality to the product and daily, Gentle Monster, with its unique artistic atmosphere, get more and more attention. Whether you are travel drive, without makeup or self-time, Gentle Monster are the necessities of the four seasons of wet person. In addition to the south Korean star, domestic stars were madly in love with the sunglasses brand. Speaking of domestic stars, don't know if you have read recently very fire drama 'the smile is the whole', Yang Yang, a quite a few friends all said that men have seen good handsome good in style! In addition, the recent fans also found Yang Yang usually very like Gentle Monster of sunglasses, a lot of the photos are in Gentle Monster sunglasses. Yang Yang, a Gentle Monster THE DREAMER 01 above belt is Gentle Monster sunglasses star style THE DREAMER, this style of sunglasses very neutral, is arguably THE most don't pick a, cover THE face of THE effect also is very good, who with handsome. No wonder so many stars like Gentle Monster, sunglasses, fashion unique. GENTLE MONSTER ABSENTE ONE PD1 in addition to The dreamer, GENTLE MONSTER's classic style ABSENTE ONE Yang Yang also very like to wear. The black frame with large black lens, allow you to gather people's eyes, on real joker, seconds kill all kinds of face shape, let you easily concave out perfect shape! It is worth mentioning that Gentle Monster brand ingenious showroom also relish for people, in the glasses market sui generis. Gentle Monster, innovation and the love of art, in order to commercial space and art together, has been cooperating with different artists and unit, at home to South Korea experimental Quantum Quantum plan Project, adhere to transform every 25 new themes. Past has held the project including the use of prism device reflect light 'towns in Heaven', asked the participants to experience directly suvs movement 'Off Road Rally' and the use of sound and space combination of mobile Settings art 'Beating Beats', etc. , to make more people come into contact with the brand of avant-garde art. In addition, Gentle Monster flagship store is also praised for all kinds of art story theme decoration, such as Laundry as the theme in daegu flagship store, flagship store in Beijing Apartment as the theme, such as fans around the world, the past &present shopping, also can visit the store design is unique. Have the opportunity to travel to South Korea's friend, do remember to Gentle Monster each store visit to see oh ~ about the above mentioned flagship store in Beijing, is actually Gentle Monster in the end of may last year in Beijing's sanlitun opened the first flagship store in domestic, shop decoration with brand design, become a major attraction, sanlitun through the flagship store of the broad masses of Chinese fans can also easily buy a Gentle Monster authentic sunglasses. In addition, Gentle Monster Shanghai huaihai road flagship store has grand opening on September 1, plans to buy Korean stars with shades of friends don't miss oh, bring friends to experience the fashion tide together!
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