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3 out of 13 only scored 10 points. Mr. 120 million left LBJ to make people surprised. Are you really betting wrong? -General knowledge of glasses-Business information-

by:Eugenia     2022-05-03
In today's home game against the Celtics, the Cavaliers lost the game 106-116. Love still didn't find the shooting touch in this game. The audience only hit 3 goals in 13 shots and made 0 of 5 three-pointers. Although he had 11 rebounds, he had five turnovers at the same time. In more time, he is not like a power forward of the team, but a pitcher standing on the outside. This is a far cry from him at his peak. Many people believe that he can skyrocket after James leaves, but his injuries have left him in no state. After missing most of the games this year, Love has slowly integrated into the team's system after returning from injury in late February. The erosion of the injury slowed him down, and he shot more from the three-point line instead of standing in the paint and fighting melee. Since his return, Love has made more than seven shots from beyond the three-point line per game. In the last game, he scored 20 points on 8 of 21 shots and took ten shots from the three-point line. He was aggressive in that game, scoring 19 rebounds, the most since his return. In the face of the tough Bucks inside, Love did not choose to back down. He has taken up to eight shots in the penalty area, and in the three previous games against the Bucks, he has only taken a total of nine shots. After this game, it was obvious that Love had gradually recovered. He doesn't seem to be afraid to entangle his opponents in the paint and create space for his teammates. In his limited playing time, he averaged 11.4 rebounds per game this season. With a career average of 11.3, he is the team's rebounding leader. His scoring average is not bad, he can get 17.9 points, and is almost the same as his career average. But his shooting percentage this season is only 38.3%, the second worst in Love's career. Due to the injury and the long time away from the game, he needs a long recovery to improve his shooting percentage. Since the beginning of last season, Love has deliberately developed his ability to catch and shoot three-pointers. Not only does he want to quickly adapt to the league's trends, but he also wants to extend his career so that he does not suffer from injuries again. Last year, the Cavaliers renewed Love for 120 million in four years. The pressure of 30 million per year is really not small. His contract is in the 2022-23 season. The team hopes that he can lead the Cavaliers in the reconstruction period and slowly get on the right track. Sexton and Osman have made great progress this season, coupled with the outstanding performance of the role players, they may enter the playoffs faster than expected. I believe everyone knows how good Love is at the peak of the Timberwolves. After coming to the Cavaliers, although his style of play has changed, he is still alive. After James leaves, I believe he can lead the Cavaliers to return to glory.
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