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Basic knowledge of the sun glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-22
For spring and summer, the sun glasses is a kind of indispensable items, because in the two seasons, the sun's ultraviolet radiation very strongly, deserve to go up a sunglasses can be very good to help you maintain glasses, in addition, deserve to go up a fashionable sunglasses can also good to modify your face, let you have more, so a fashionable sun glasses is the part of beautiful, resist ultraviolet ray and so as a modern talent how can you miss! Sunglasses factory ms YC9707 sunglasses C8 hawksbill/dazzle colour yellow but small make up remind everybody, when buying sunglasses, but there are a lot of knowledge of oh, so not familiar with you or want to have more health and safety glasses, will learn the basic knowledge of the sun glasses together. Sunglasses lens materials are mainly of glass material and two kinds of resin materials. Glass material hardness, not easy scratches, impact resistant ability is poor, hit after fracture, simple and heavy weight. Resin material of the lens, light weight, suitable for leisure wear, impact resistance is stronger, together is not easy to damage, has become a mainstream information and market better choice! 1. Sunglasses function according to the experimental evaluation, a pair of eyes every day spend about a quarter of the human body energy, together with all unnecessary light the invasion of the trouble and the ultraviolet ray in sunshine, often can damage the optic nerve and retina, causing visual fatigue, vision loss, based on this important reason, sunglasses is not only a kind of decoration, is the eye have a demand, sunglasses have a few major functions: ( 1) Optics: sunglasses a flat is given priority to, for contact lens wearer, wearing sunglasses, can avoid or reduce contacts water evaporation, and then keep the optical performance of the glasses. ( 2) Eye: the main is to avoid being fierce sun, with block uv rays, maintenance of glasses is not compromised, the premise is the lens must be cut off ultraviolet ray function. ( 3) Decoration: many people choosing sunglasses from the style and color into consideration, this is because the sunglasses in the summer has become a must-have in decorate a lot of people, even in the sun is not very intense season or indoor is also wearing sunglasses. Others will be decorated with wearing sunglasses in their heads. Ms sunglasses factory YC9709 sunglasses C4 hawksbill / 2 lens ashes. Total class and the characteristics of sunglasses lenses, 1) Resin lens: light, the weight is half glass, non-friable, rich colors, uv protection function is better than that of glass. ( 2) Glass: including ordinary glass lenses, optical glass lenses, glass lens, hard and wear-resistant. ( 3) Polaroid: polarized lens and contact lenses in the same light fine made of synthetic resin, made after, can filter the humid from the surface of the water or sunlight reflection of the road. Main advantages: light, can filter to the reflection of dazzling light, 99% 96% ( 4) The color lenses: the advantage of the color lens is able to handle changing corrective glasses and sunglasses questions frequently. To say that correct wear color glasses compromise between the glasses and sunglasses. 3: the color and shading of the lens degree of different daily wear to choose relatively low diopter, for example: mild to moderate shading degree of sunglasses. For light conditions or in the outdoor sports, it is recommended that you choose shading degree strong sunglasses.
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