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Bottega Veneta launched a limited edition BV15 sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-09
Bottega Veneta( Remains butterfly house) 2017 chun xia series men's fashion show held in milan's history of brera academy of fine arts, in order to celebrate the brand from Italy's Veneto region ( Veneta) Vicenza ( Vicenza) Founded the 50th anniversary of the establishment, as well as Tomas Maier brand creative director for 15 years. Salute to Tomas Maier for outstanding brand, Bottega Veneta launching a lady called BV15 limited edition of the sun glasses. Its meticulous design style highlights the brand of the craftsmen art, craft, modelling, as well as the signature intrecciato weave pattern, are all from veteran craftsmen, presenting a 925 silver, 18 carat gold and rose gold three versions. Bold, elegant, noble, the serial number of each pair of glasses have their own, in a unique hand-woven grosgrain leather box.
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