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'Carat' couple female number two black super beautiful modelling caused a buzz

by:Eugenia     2020-09-07
Near the carat lovers didn't let tiffany tang coming off, and instead to make a woman two Dillon hot fire a handful, appearance, also calculate, the girl will also special show MOE! Otaku eye can take love, even the girls are sprouting. Plot Gao Wen she plays in the corner of a fashion and personality, dare to love dare to hate, audience welcome very much. This role is not only popular, even in her fashion sense is also caused by netizens simplicity, here is one of her sunglasses and beautiful modelling, and see it! Collocation points modelling in the neat little black hat, handsome and do not lose feminine taste, a pair of black box handsome sunglasses, atmosphere and fashion, coupled with the fat of hair also look very straight healthy, beautiful beautiful texture modeling for a bonus. Hat shades of Gao Wen sprout like frankness and lovely image play a very good carat lover is open from DMG entertainment, east city of film and television production such as love inspiring drama, directed by Chen Mingzhang, Wu Qiang, Rain, tiffany tang, Luo Jin, Dillon hot star. The play tells the story of fat girl 'm' by the 'ugly' become 'beautiful', perfect metamorphosis of body and mind, will realize the true love and dreams of self harvest. Female 1 tiffany tang inside although achieved perfect metamorphosis, but because of 'stupid white sweet' type, so has been tepid. Female 2 Gao Wen a line in the plot is a very red star, personality frankness to dare to love dare to hate, and a little cute silly at the same time. Boyfriend, before Gao Wen Gao Wen whole to drink, on madness. But the Dillon heat of high level appearance not only because of madness in the doghouse, but her cute and nerve of character are more popular with the audience, including her hot body and personality fashion dress up also by his fans simplicity. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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