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Cecilia liu shooting Vogue Eyewear2015 chun xia advertising films

by:Eugenia     2020-09-02
A few days ago, Cecilia liu as a Vogue Eyewear brand new image ambassador, to the Thai island of phuket took Vogue Eyewear spring/summer 2015 new advertising materials. Picture only beautiful and rich tropical amorous feelings. By photographer Ellen von Unwerth camera. She wears a new Vogue Eyewear glasses took a few photos. Focuses on different sides of her, with beautiful pictures and different styles of glasses, show her unique amorous feelings. A perfect interpretation to Vogue Eyewear glasses. Cecilia liu said: 'taken in phuket Vogue Eyewear AD made me feel very special, it not only has a spectacular sunset beauty, and the warm blue water of the sea. This is a very unusual series, have feminine taste extremely, vibrant color, suitable for all women in various occasions to wear. Taking pictures with Ellen Von Unwerth cooperation, but also a very precious experience. 'As a brand, loved by European young women's fashion glasses since the 1970 s, Vogue Eyewear have been to full of vitality, the pursuit of love novel, Vogue and young women like to try different style design optical and sunglasses. Launch the series on the Chinese custom, according to China's female facial features and be fond of custom, and integrated into the design of the popular urban style, at the same time and do not break its iconic and mature elegant temperament. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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