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Choose sunglasses?

by:Eugenia     2020-08-21
A lot of people when choosing sunglasses, blindly chasing sunglasses brand rather than purchase purpose, which can lead to improper selection of sunglasses and wear the sunglasses for a long time will cause damage to our glasses. Today, network sunglasses factory built to teach you how to choose a suitable sunglasses. First, buy purpose should clearly. Some people don't really know when choosing sunglasses to buy sunglasses to keep out ultraviolet or to wear more beautiful. Therefore, the purpose of buying sunglasses first of all, be sure to buy your. Then, choose suitable for their own color of the sun. In general, white skin people should avoid excessive contrast black, in comparison, the gorgeous little color such as brown, red wine would be suitable. Yellow skin person suits to choose silvery white, pink, used to carry bright color of skin, skin deep for blue and purple sunglasses. Secondly, combined with his own face. Long face suggest to choose a certain width round or oval sunglasses that has stereo feeling; The face is chosen aptly petite people or frames a finer frameless sunglasses; Pear shaped face, wear a thick box will be more suitable for, as for the oval face, no matter what kind of style suits. After check the quality of sunglasses. No matter which style you choose is what color sunglasses, the lens should be smooth, no grinding crack, no bubbles, look from the horizontal lens without warp. Sunglasses to wear up and must be comfortable, in 15 minutes to wear no creasing shall prevail.
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