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Colorful sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-15
The role of the various color sunglasses. From a health point of view: the sun the lens color to light gray, dark brown or light smoked for excellent, followed by green, amber, blue, etc. , use red as the sun or only the snow. Yellow lenses, filtering 100% uv - — God qing mu Ming agent 100% yellow lens sunglasses can filter ultraviolet ray, promised to infrared and 83% visible light pass through lens. It is the characteristics of large, anti can filter the sun most of blue light. Sunlight through the atmosphere, most of blue light, which is why you see the sky is blue. Yellow lenses after filtering blu-ray, can see more understand nature scene. So wear yellow lens sunglasses when driving, you can see more clearly on the vehicle. 99% of green lens, filter ultraviolet (uv) - — Congeniality sedatives fashionable green lens and grey lens, filter to infrared light, also can filter 99% uv. But green lens can change some picture color, cut off the light effect is slightly less grey lens. Fortunately, green is the natural tranquilizer, can let the mood of those around you become real. If you want to do a 'caring ambassador', might as well put on green lens sunglasses, let the multifarious noise around is quiet because of you. Grey lens, filter 98% uv - — Grey lens sunglasses shading and color agent on the amount of sunlight filtering of each light in the almost flat, but also can filter the infrared and 98% of the ultraviolet light. Wearing grey lens sunglasses, sight the original colour will not change by the lens, can also big limit to keep out light. In the heat of Malaysia, gray lens is more local experts praise for 'comfortable sunglasses. Outdoor activities during the summer, wear grey lens sunglasses, not only effectively, shading, also can see the beauty of the primary colors. 95% of pink lens, filter ultraviolet (uv) - — Strong self-confidence pink lens sunglasses, can filter 95% of ultraviolet (uv) and some of the shorter wavelength of visible light. In fact, the pink lens with the size of not tinted lenses, and there is no better than general lens protection. But psychology research found that 65% of women wear pink lens sunglasses, ZiXinDu Gao Yicheng half than usual. Pink sunglasses are purely your mental placebo in mood annoyed or ultraviolet light not how strong rainy day wear.
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