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Dear translator switch Messrs. cioffi model just a pair of black glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-30
By Yang mi, Huang Xuan starred in TV series 'dear translator is hit, Yang mi play the heroine of Messrs. cioffi plays a translation officer, a body capable of going to work and appropriate makeup look, let Yang mi became the latest samples of makeup look, workplace as Yang mi postpartum first TV broadcast, a haircut shoulder-length hair she appeared in front of the screen, is in line with the professional image of the heroine. 'Dear translator', postpartum comeback Yang mi with the girl's voice, face and body still staged a fashion show. The OL style outfit is the most shall not miss to watch, can be said to be the career women wear model. Most OL outfit is fundamental key with black and white ash, easy in repeated collocation into a dead end; Color play room is small, then the design work. Vest with a white shirt is a good choice. For myself for some color bouncing shirt can let whole serious style bright eye many such a set of wavelet point wine red shirt, shorts, leisure feeling stronger than professional ceremony feeling along with the advancement of the plot, the modelling of Messrs. cioffi outfit have more and more, more and more has the look of the workplace, however, do you remember when Messrs. cioffi exchange was born in Zurich? With furry hat and dark glasses of Messrs. cioffi a face of neotenous, just like the appearance of a pair of students, have to say really helped us a lot on modelling, especially big black-rimmed glasses, and after the workplace dress is different style, it is enough, so black-rimmed glasses is dress up as tender big kill, students rocks of choice? Sagawa fujii 73028 c3016 tide style sheet box code black glasses myopia framework Tom ford TF5398 - both men and women F unisex eyeglass frame 001 black such a big box of black frame glasses are not rigid, not only because of the metal decoration, and the cat's eye, instead, lining gadites more humorous, lively, and students completely, want to leave the student rocks' shoes can refer to see. Like Messrs. cioffi workplace elite and nifty students switch freely between two modes, you can. Pictures from the network to delete please contact kaity @ yichao. Cn
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