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Don't know it, your sun glasses will be expired like food

by:Eugenia     2020-08-07
Many people may feel that choose a pair of good good beautiful sunglasses, no damage as long as it looks, or the design is not out of date, could have been worn down, but the latest news, I'm afraid to let you down. When the small make up so that through the big waves, see this news, frighten hurriedly go back to look at just this year buy ray-ban sunglasses have an accident! Because, I heard my sun glasses should have expired! You said don't scary? The thing is, the recent research report published by the university of Sao Paulo, Brazil, found out, the sun glasses prevent bask in ability, will decrease over time. Even if the mirror is not scratch, because the sun protection coating will daily depreciation, receive a habit, or contamination on the skin of sweat, tears, sebum, etc. , gradually disappear. Ray-ban RB3025 - J - M 146/32 men sunglasses white/grey piece and the less resistance to UV coating, the sun glasses is expired, can no longer play the role of prevent ultraviolet ray. Although dark mirror can let an eye to reduce the stimulation of light, but for the injury of the eye without method, uv sunscreen as dummy, still can affect vision and eye health. Recommended reading: there are light dazzling sunglasses? To see the polarizer and the difference between ordinary sunglasses sunglasses use period how long? The researchers point out that in general, if the sun glasses 2 hours a day on average, about 2 years so should change a new pair of sunglasses. Wear sunglasses every day time more long, the change of frequency will be higher. Ok, this information is very terrible! Like small make up, day and night curtilage inside, only go out wearing sunglasses with big an hour every day, can be used more than one year. But two years in a pair of sunglasses can also accept, also became an excuse to buy the new sunglasses, the sun glasses goes bad, from this Angle to think, is very perfect a message! And small make up secretly tell you, if you can for your sunglasses uv protection in doubt, that want to change right away. Can go directly to the local store and let them measure the lens uv protection grade, look at whether also can prevent radiation.
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