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'Dream partner' two black-rimmed glasses man

by:Eugenia     2020-07-31
About black-rimmed glasses, not too much, we see in the film and television play all sorts of modelling, all kinds of identity, to deduce with black-rimmed glasses, can seem to be more into three points. Today we will talk about 'dream partner' type two male Lord black box in the mirror! The dress has exquisite, academic research has the temperament of male god is career mentor Meng Xiaojun, very demanding of their students. A pair of angular black-rimmed glasses shows not only his profound academic, but also his stern, composed of the image. Glasses with money: GUESS GU1869 - F men glass frame 002 grind arenaceous glass frame 5017 black black armani EA3025 men 'big black cow' change 'run' the strong image, wearing a black box in the play, deduce a spoony male NiuJun into loyal hanhou of the technology. Although is black-rimmed glasses, NiuJun into black box corners rounded obviously a lot of, much a few minutes of ordinary and thick. Visible details of glasses is very important, not taken, the perfect image of you could be destroyed ~ we take a look at the three 'partners' glasses according to the 2013 fire up half the sky 'Chinese partner' directed by Hong Kong director Peter chan, huang xiaoming, deng chao, quickly go. some starred. Tells the story of 'soil terrapin into east green,' 'sea turtles' Meng Xiaojun and wang Yang 'fenqing' from the 1980 s to the 21st century, the era of big three young men from the student s meet and get to know each other, founded English training school, finally realizes the story of 'China dream'. The three partners are also glasses covered surface, and the atmosphere of the 80 s and scholars deductive incisively and vividly! Visible black-rimmed glasses are various screen loyal 'love'! If you want to deduce black box fashion, hurry up to purchase sunglasses glasses factory heart diet products!
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