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Fan bingbing fan bingbing wore round glasses see literary style

by:Eugenia     2020-07-20
As we all know, round glasses is show MOE artifact, a magic weapon is minus age, fan bingbing fan bingbing, however, put it out of the art of fashionable feeling, have to say that the goddess is the godess, high level is king in appearance, taste also will satisfy. Don't believe it? Did you see: the picture is truth ah, fan bingbing itself is very standard Oriental beauty, good shape, high level in appearance, and clothing that has grade, is at the forefront of a fashion star. Don't wear glasses, she is very beautiful, very high level of appearance. Look at her, even wore round glasses no acosmia feeling, let a person feel this pair of round glass frame is tailor-made for her. Pitch-black smooth hair to one side, wen wan, silky lop, blue dress tailoring, unique fabrics, delicate and smooth, showing the fan bingbing, nice figure, aureate deserve to act the role of is also a bright spot, color collocation is very good, and dress bring out the best in each other. A little gently, walking glasses look cool, light smile corners of the mouth up, the whole picture together, beauty for ever, no problem a cultural and artistic beauty of youth, no problem of a quiet beautiful woman! The glass frame, do you like it?
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