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Fashion sunglasses make you one second

by:Eugenia     2020-08-25
Are you still worried about the strong sunlight to hard to open your eyes? Are you still worry about not having a suitable for dot eyeball a suit costumes of to match? Then below, along with glasses sunglasses factory to learn how the star in the street is tie-in, protect let you for a second become fashion. Restoring ancient ways round box sunglasses fit with bright dazzling smile and elegant and dignified temperament Anne hathaway ( Anne Hathaway) , soft round box just modify the face, blue dress supplement small white vest, and a little naughty cute. 'Sweetheart' hot mom Miranda Kerr ( Miranda Kerr) Grow very flattering, round face, round eyes, special sweet smile. Miranda street favourite is the cat's eye circle frame sunglasses, not only can achieve the visual effect of 'tightening' face, also can promote the royal elder sister aura. Rosie, han Paddington - Whitman ( 罗茜·汉丁顿- Whiteley) Referred to as the 'girl', to make lips light qi picturesque, good a beauty flan. After exercise, with big square glasses cover a face of tired, taking snapshots so meimei drops.
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