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Fendi&Jimmy Choo glasses 2014 launch

by:Eugenia     2020-08-30
On December 14, 2014, inspired by milan's fashion eyewear brand - — MILANNO with Italian Safilo group jointly organized Fendi& Jimmy Choo's two big international brand product launches. Conference, MILANNO high-end VIP and media to be invited to participate in the special MILANNO brand, for the first time in Beijing's autumn/winter 2014 FENDI& JIMMY CHOO glasses show, and has brought more tie-in proposal for everyone, improve the total look fashionable modelling index. Blue bay is located in Beijing MLANNO optical shop covers an area of 140 square, set up the high-quality goods area, product area and VIP rooms. The store using the milan design concept, perfect integration of open space, warm luxury building materials and light, create a completely different from the traditional mode of glasses space, highlight the exclusive in MILANNO elegant style. Decorate with MILANNO European trademark materials, is advocated by the elegance and luxury brand taste shows. Thus MILANNO the new season to make numerous MILANNO fans have a more intuitive and comprehensive understanding, MILANNO through model shows to those guests show a new series of fashion design and excellent quality, share of fashion wear a proposal under different occasions. Italian luxury brand Fendi 2014 new winter glasses series, the representative of independent self-confident woman style luxury brand bring us 14 years in the launch qiu dong brand-new visual experience. With FENDI perspective future fashion aesthetic feeling and The new bag bag 'By The Way,' inspired By The unique creativity and craftsmanship of color series, as well as restoring ancient ways with advanced coexist, double F, stylish Pequin series and so on, The mirror fashion and design show incisively and vividly. And there was a new autumn/winter 2014 Jimmy Choo sunglasses series highlights the brand of a noble and good attitude. Jimmy Choo2014 year qiu dong season series with romance, passion and desire. Designer Cai Shan zhuo continue to try new things, through the angular design is exquisite, streaming once again try to embody the Jimmy choo sexy, capable of confident, rebellious free brand DNA. In addition, our duty is favor women MILANNO in activity site features a selection of glasses, highlights the MILANNO walking in the pursuit of fashion glasses front end. Pictures from the network, if you want to delete please contact
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