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Han hong is also accused of fashion glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-07-21
This singer han hong in Athens, I'm afraid no one know no one knows all, and we all know that han hong always wears a pair of glasses, indoor frame glasses, outdoor sun glasses, all kinds of glasses have tried. In fact is not necessarily because of myopia wear glasses, may be because of love. Recently han hong returns to her hometown in weibo drying out pictures of Tibet, she wears a pair of purple transparent frame glasses, dressed in a suit, on dyed hair type is very cool. Han hong also wrote: 'back to Lhasa, back to potala. Here is my home, my hometown is how to let a person! 'With glasses, sunglasses factory YC9702 lady sunglasses C5 white box purple legs/lens dazzle colour purple in addition to this style of sunglasses, han hong also often wear frog mirror, classic, han hong frog mirror looks much nicer, as long as her appearance, aura moment now! Han hong and other various frame glasses, glasses, round glasses, boxes of glasses, and so on were her bag.
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