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How about myopic sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-09
Simply put, myopia sunglasses can not only correct vision, but also enjoy the functions of sunglasses, combining the functions of the two. Many myopic people want to be able to see far away things clearly, but also to prevent the clear light in different environments, and myopic sunglasses can well meet this demand. Let’s take a look at what about sunglasses for myopia. Types of myopia sunglasses 1. Dyed sunglasses: also known as ordinary anti-ultraviolet sunglasses, some substances are added in the manufacturing process of the lenses, and the lenses show different colors and absorb light of different wavelengths to achieve the purpose of protecting the eyes. 2. Color-changing lens: It changes according to the clearness of the light, which can meet the needs of indoor and outdoor at the same time. If it is indoors, there is no sunlight, it can be used as myopia glasses, and it can automatically change color outdoors and can be used as sunglasses. 3. External clip-on sunglasses for myopia: add the purchased sunglasses clip to the myopia glasses, which is also very convenient to switch, just flip the additional clip up and down. However, there are not many types of external clips. In addition, there are myopia sets designed for specific frames. The outer lens adopts an iron-absorbing method. The outer lens is completely installed in the size design of the frame, which is not only beautiful, but also convenient to disassemble. 4. Polarized lenses: can filter strong reflections, such as water reflections, building surface reflections, strong light from car lights, etc., making the image clearer, suitable for drivers, outdoor sportsmen, skiers, and fishing enthusiasts Wait. For myopia with polarized sunglasses, it should be noted that if the power is relatively high, the lenses will be relatively heavy, and the overall glasses will be heavier and unsightly. At present, polarized myopia lenses are suitable for myopia within 600 degrees. The color of myopic sunglasses. We know that there are many colors of the lenses of sunglasses, and you can choose according to your needs. The specific advantages of different colors are also different, and different colors of lenses are also suitable for different occasions. Gray: It can absorb any color spectrum evenly, and the scene will become dark when viewed, but there will be no obvious chromatic aberration, showing the real image of the object. And it can effectively reduce the light intensity, which is suitable for traveling, driving and traveling. Brown: Absorb the purple and cyan in the light, the base arc can absorb 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared, can resist the smooth and bright reflected light, improve the visual contrast and clarity, and it is better to wear under severe air pollution or fog. It is also suitable for the driver to wear. Dark green: It absorbs heat and brings coolness, but it will change the color of certain things. The effect of light isolation is slightly inferior to that of gray lenses. It is suitable for wearing in the sun. Yellow: In foggy and twilight hours, yellow lenses can improve contrast and provide more accurate object images, so it is also called night vision goggles. Blue: Light blue that can effectively filter the sea and sky reflections. Blue lenses can be worn at the seaside. But avoid using it when driving, it is not easy to distinguish traffic signals. How to choose myopia sunglasses 1. Sunglasses clip, the sunglasses are clipped outside the myopia glasses. It is economical and easy to disassemble, but there are few styles and colors to choose from. 2. Set of mirrors. Outside the frame, there is also a pair of sunglasses set mirrors that completely match the ring, which is fixed on the frame by magnets. Beautiful but adds weight. 3. Use contact lenses and sunglasses together, wear contact lenses with a prescription, and then wear flat sunglasses. There are many types of this kind of sunglasses, but you need to pay attention to the wearing and cleaning of contact lenses. 4. Dyed sunglasses to make myopic sunglasses. The limitation is that tinted glasses are not suitable for indoor wear. This kind of myopic sunglasses cannot distinguish the vision well in the house. 5. Discoloration myopia sunglasses. Essilor lenses from France, TAG Heuer lenses from Japan, Zeiss from Germany, whether the optical effect and discoloration are good, both indoor and outdoor can be taken care of, but the price is more expensive.
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