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How about radiation protection sunglasses? _Sunglasses knowledge_

by:Eugenia     2022-02-08
Sunglasses have become more and more popular in life. Whether it is going out shopping, traveling or participating in some outdoor activities, sunglasses are indispensable. General sunglasses have the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays. If they are polarized sunglasses, they can also emit reflected light and glare. Then, how about anti-radiation sunglasses? Let's take a look. The basic function of sunglasses is UV protection, which is common to all sunglasses. Therefore, radiation protection sunglasses also have the effect of UV protection. In addition to the effect of anti-ultraviolet rays, the anti-radiation sunglasses also have the effect of anti-radiation. The anti-radiation sunglasses use the world's advanced vacuum electron beam evaporation technology and vacuum ion coating, which can effectively block the damage of electromagnetic waves to the eyes. Some sunglasses are coated with blue film inside the lens. It can also eliminate the reflected glare behind and has a certain radiation protection effect. We know that if radiation protection glasses have radiation protection effects, it is because the lenses contain anti-radiation substances that absorb low-frequency radiation. The multi-layer radiation protection film on the surface of the lens can make the electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths generated on the front and back surfaces of the film mutually interact. Interference, and then eliminate the radiation wave, reduce the elimination of radiation. Radiation protection sunglasses also use this theory to protect against radiation. Radiation-proof sunglasses have different absorption effects on different rays, and can block harmful rays from harming the eyes. High-quality anti-radiation sunglasses are composed of a multi-layer substrate. In addition to the effect of anti-radiation, the lens also has the advantages of anti-glare, anti-ultraviolet, strong impact resistance, high light transmittance, anti-scratch, wind-proof, etc. Better protect the eyes.
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