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How to choose the sunglasses brand? Left or right

by:Eugenia     2020-08-20
Sunglasses at present the market is 'big brand hot, small brands neglected'. 'Your home has a tyrannosaurus rex or stranger? '' you have Helen Keller? ”. 。 。 A similar problem in every customers into the store had the mouth is not difficult to hear. Some helpless said: 'the customer designated to most of the brand is well-known brands, we say that there is no customer immediately turned away. 'Indeed, although the design of sunglasses are a diverse group, commodity full of beautiful things in eyes, but more and more consumers are more likely to buy famous brand sunglasses. Sunglasses as a seasonal functional glasses, in addition to block the effect of ultraviolet ray, also played a make-up, and thus get the favour of fashionable personage. Brand effect, the more fierce, many merchants also began to increase advertising spending, so it need more performance to digest. The success of advertising are 'the tyrannosaurus' sunglasses, but there are many enterprises are in advertising, are actually on a foil for the winners. In fact, many small niche brand sunglasses no matter from the style or material, as well-known brand sunglasses, but sales did not optimistic. It is undeniable that niche brand mixed in the inferior sunglasses too much, of course also cannot paint a ship. As a businessman, how to improve the quality of the products is the premise; As a sales staff, how to correctly guide the consumer, not just the pursuit of brand, more should pay attention to product quality, choice suits own is the key.
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