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How to wear glasses for myopia? _Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-06
Although myopia is a relatively common eye disease, it will cause some eye diseases over time, such as corneal disease and iris defects. At the same time, patients suffering from myopia will have some slurred vision, dizziness and vertigo, which particularly affect people's living habits. Although myopia surgery can solve the problem of myopia, some people are born with a thin cornea or other eye diseases that are not suitable for myopia surgery. In addition, there will be some side effects after myopia surgery. Therefore, the better way to treat and control myopia is to wear suitable glasses. So how to match glasses for myopia? Let's take a look at the editor below. <1>. First find an eyewear business with guaranteed quality, that is, a formal eyewear entity chain store, such as Baodao Glasses, Lean Glasses, etc., which are all well-known professional eyewear companies. In particular, the MTOC direct sales model adopted, such as the two optical shops of Baodao and Jingyi, is more in line with the consumer concept of the masses. <2>. After finding a glasses business, optometry is the most important step in matching glasses. Only by accurately and comprehensively measuring the patient's refractive power, can the vision be corrected well and the clarity of the eyes can be improved during the wearing process. You can choose Hong Kong Medical Standard 21 optometry technology, which combines the advantages of computers and medical optometry, making it more professional and reliable. It is an exclusive technology. <3>. After accurately measuring the refractive power, the choice of lenses, frames and glasses styles is more important. For young myopia patients, natural resin lenses can be selected, which can correct the refractive power and protect against ultraviolet rays. The frame can be selected from the TR90 material with good toughness, which has excellent elasticity and can be bent at will without cracks or breaks. The choice of style should be the first to wear aesthetics. Patients with white skin or round faces can choose styles with brighter colors and glasses with more angular frames, which can enhance the overall temperament and charm. Wearing glasses is nothing more than refraction, glasses, and then choosing the lenses, frames and styles that suit you. But no matter where the glasses are good, the quality of the glasses must be certified by the National Administration to avoid blurred vision and aggravated vision during the wearing process. If you want to know more information, or want to buy related products, you can consult online customer service.
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