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How to wear glasses?_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-16
With the rapid development of the country, there are more and more products in all walks of life. For example, today we are mainly talking about the question 'how to match glasses'; now there are various types of glasses on the market, so it is not easy to go out to match glasses. If the glasses are not well matched, they will not be comfortable to wear. It is obviously very important to have a pair of glasses that suits you in terms of power and quality. The following professional eyeglasses staff tell you how to fit your own natural situation when you wear glasses, so that you can feel good looking and comfortable wearing glasses. Precautions for eyeglasses: 1. Perform optometry: This is the first step in eyeglasses. Generally, you have to go to a hospital or a regular corner shop, and find an optometrist to do the optometry for you. But remember, don't judge based on your own personal thinking. The degree measured by the network optometry is generally higher than the normal degree of optometry. You must listen to the optometrist and never make your own judgment. 2. Choose lenses: There are many types of lenses: anti-reflective protective lenses, colored lenses, painted lenses, partial lenses, color-changing lenses, etc. Each has different functions. For example, color-changing lenses can block strong sunlight. When choosing lenses, you must choose lenses according to your needs in life. If you often face computers and TVs, you should choose lenses with anti-radiation function to protect your eyesight; 3. Choose a frame: generally you choose a frame according to your face shape, and there are no restrictions on the materials for the frame. Material: plastic, solid wood, metal and other synthetic materials. Here is a reminder: no matter what frame you choose, you must pay attention to ------ the glasses should be inside the line of the frame; 4. Processing: in the final stage of eyeglasses, the materials needed for eyeglasses are processed once. However, the processing in this step directly affects the quality of the glasses to a large extent. No matter how expensive the glasses are, if they are not processed well, they are not suitable for your eyes and may harm your eyes; 5. Trying on glasses: After polishing the lenses and installing the frames, try on the glasses first. See if you feel uncomfortable after putting on glasses, the most obvious point is that sometimes the power is too high. If you feel dizzy and uncomfortable, you can talk to the optician directly to lower the degree. In short: the main purpose of glasses is to improve vision, so that our lives can return to normal, reduce symptoms, solve visual fatigue, and solve problems such as double vision and strabismus. Only when you follow the above steps step by step, you can completely match your glasses; among the above steps, the most important are the two steps of optometry and processing. No matter how expensive the lenses you buy, the quality of the glasses is only related to the refraction and processing, and has nothing to do with the cost of the frame lenses.
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