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Is it okay to wear sunglasses to watch the computer? _Industry information_

by:Eugenia     2022-04-10
As an indispensable electronic product in today's society, whether it is for people to obtain the information they need or for work, if they face the computer for a long time, it will make the eyes uncomfortable, dry eyes, eye pain and other phenomena in life. It often appears, some people will think, can wearing sunglasses to watch the computer can protect the eyes? Let's take a look at wearing sunglasses to watch the computer. If it is ordinary ordinary sunglasses, it is not good to wear sunglasses to watch the computer. Ordinary sunglasses only reduce the brightness, and when the brightness is reduced, the pupil will be enlarged, and more light will enter the eyes, such as infrared rays, blue light, etc., these harmful rays of light will do more damage to the eyes. Moreover, these harmful rays enter the bottom layer of the eyes, which will kill a lot of blood cells, and the damage to the eyes is self-evident. In the long run, some serious cases will cause fundus diseases. Sunglasses are generally worn when the light is strong, and the brightness of the computer monitor will be particularly strong. If you wear sunglasses to watch the computer because of the light, you can dim the light of the computer monitor. If it is for radiation protection, you can wear a pair of radiation protection glasses that suit you. The radiation protection glasses are narrow enough to filter out some harmful rays, especially the radiation waves of some electronic products, so as to better protect the eyes. If the glasses are a kind of computer goggles, they can protect the eyes, because the computer goggles mainly protect the eyes from the harm of radiation, can effectively filter out the radiation waves, and can resist reflection and strong Light and so on.
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