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Is myopia surgery good for my eyes?_industry news_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-29
Myopia correction surgery is a favorite correction surgery. For many spectacle wearers, myopia surgery is a method that can help them return to normal vision. Although at present, laser myopia surgery is relatively mature, but because myopia surgery is also risky, it cannot completely guarantee that the vision will always be good. People who want to do myopia are all thinking about whether it is good to have myopia surgery on the eyes. Let's take a look at how to do myopia surgery. The principle of myopia surgery is to cut the cornea and change the curvature of the cornea to achieve the purpose of correcting vision. The higher the degree, the more cutting will be made and the remaining cornea will be thinner. Under the pressure of the material in the eye, the cornea that is too thin will protrude outward, and it is easy to develop into keratoconus, and the consequences will be more serious. Generally, before myopia surgery, a strict preoperative examination is required, and the preoperative examination, surgical equipment and the experience of the doctor, etc., all have a certain impact on the effect of myopia surgery. If the preoperative examination is strict, the effect of the operation is generally not ideal, and the harm to the myopic patients is relatively large. After myopia surgery, due to different factors such as individual physique, individual degree of myopia, etc., the situation is different. Some people will recover better, but some people will have dry eye, glare, etc. after surgery. Ghosting, corneal penetration, iatrogenic corneal astigmatism, secondary keratoconus, irregular corneal flap, etc. Some of them are overcorrected or undercorrected, resulting in unsatisfactory vision, decreased vision, high astigmatism, etc. . In addition, because it is performed on the cornea, some corneal infections may occur, resulting in complications. After general myopia surgery, in addition to reasonable care, people who have undergone myopia surgery should also take good care of their eyes, and the vision regression of myopia surgery also exists. And it is difficult to say that the eyesight has always maintained such a good state.
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