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Is vision correction surgery good? What are the harms of vision correction surgery?_Industry Information_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-10
Vision correction surgery, which is often referred to as 'excimer laser surgery. However, many patients still don’t know much about it. Today, I will take you to find out whether vision correction surgery is good, and what are the harms of vision correction surgery. Is vision correction surgery good? From the essence of the surgery, it is just cutting the front of the cornea without damaging the endothelial cells and other damage to the tissue cells of the cornea, and the chance of corneal opacity is relatively small. In terms of efficiency, the operation time is relatively short, the postoperative recovery is relatively fast, and the stability is still good, and there will be no major errors. From the effect point of view, it has a great effect on correcting refractive errors such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc., and there will be no adverse reactions such as photophobia and eye pain, and the comfort level is quite high. What are the dangers of vision correction surgery? Although the surgery only cuts the front part of the cornea, it has broken the molecular chain of the corneal tissue cells, causing damage to the cornea to a certain extent. And after the operation, it may also cause some complications, such as glaucoma, high intraocular pressure, retinitis, etc. In severe cases, there will be sequelae of some eye diseases. Compared with wearing myopia glasses, the price is relatively high, and the effect of the treatment cannot be lasting. After the deadline, the degree of myopia will return to the preoperative level, which may lead to an increase in the degree of myopia. In addition, vision correction surgery is not suitable for everyone, and generally patients with too thin corneas cannot undergo surgery. Besides, the cornea, lens, vitreous body, and retina are the systems that make up the refraction. Any defect or damage to any tissue will affect vision and eye health. Therefore, vision correction surgery is not the safest and most effective way to treat myopia.
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