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Italian brand Tru Trussardi sunglasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-12
Italy international fashion and leather accessories brand Trussardi officially launched in Hong Kong first Tru Trussardi sunglasses and optical glasses series, provide men's style, adhering to the Trussardi noble elegant metropolitan style. Glasses with Italian style design of natural and unrestrained and confidence. Tru Trussardi glasses series with urban aesthetic feeling Exotic City, self-confident Elegant Heavy Metal, the type of Rock Dandy, and nostalgia Classic Dandy 4 kinds of style as the theme.

first Tru Trussardi sunglasses series, choose popular oversized picture frame, the shape of the lens in the market is more rare. And started with leather Trussardi is also in the part of the arm in the design of lens, used on leather manufacturing, adhering to the tradition of Trussardi manufacture high quality leather.
no matter in frame and mirror arm chooses the material, color supplement, radian design to be outstanding. Combined with Tru Trussardi series specially designed for Asian manufacturing suitable Asian face frame, must let you wear very comfortable.
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