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Jiang thin film with HAZE Collection launched cross-border joint glasses

by:Eugenia     2020-08-26
Jiang thin film recently due to the hit reality show 'flowers and juvenile' once again become a hot search, she is frank, outgoing jiang Dui Dui, jiang accounting is calculated, and a bit soft and the river, her real bright and clear, let people's joy, have to like it. , so to speak, she was walking in the pictorial, look at her photos every time feel good collocation have capability, with the dalai. But clearly she can rely on appearance, want to rely on talent. Except on variety, play drama, but also as a cross-border designer, launched its cooperation with sunglasses and handbags. HAZE Collection introduces HAZE Collection ( The Haze) By independent designer in New York, fencing, founded in 2013, with the unique design, exquisite manual and super high quality material, rapid fire up in the industry, also harvest a lot of star fans! Carry the queen Yang mi, new floret Li Qin, Yang Yang, a little meat, wu lei, etc are all his fans. And jiang thin film of the partnership, called the 'red lip series cooperation', think of her usual street snap, fashion, will know that red lips is a sign of her. In fact as early as 20 May jiang thin film released the first red lip video diary, record the mood with the image, communication attitude towards life. In fact why cross-border joint? Because the HAZE Collection in New York City nourish the growth of the reinforced concrete, jiang thin film 'red lip impression' after experiencing ups and downs in life also appears to be more strong, 'urban independent personality characteristics of the two sides have the same view, which makes each of two types of individual drawing together, a cross-border joint, was born. Jiang thin film HAZE x # - — Paragraphs red lip series cooperation three sunglasses that were named Jiang Jiang powder, scanty sweet gold, black night shade, Jiang Jiang name also chimeric among them, three different color design at the same time, also represents jiang thin film three kinds of different style. Recommended reading: 2017 fashion sunglasses design is how to choose the night shadow black independent city individuality seems to be able to tolerate any difficulty, which has strong unyielding appearance camouflage, powerful energy, low-key costly. Choose a rolls Royce of the glasses, 'said the Italian Mazzuchelli imported plate, give full play to the potential of plate shape, the structure of the mature design, along with the gender and easy coarse edge streamlined, and contrasts with the fine metal mirror legs, eliminates the thick heavy feeling. Jiang Jiang powder occasionally have a romantic tender feelings, charming is spruce lovely side, with girlfriends spent along with the gender of lazy afternoon, or reward yourself a nice holiday, enjoy the solitude of surprise. Appear a framework of hollow out design, its leg folds the HAZE unique SWIV3L HINGE three-tier loose HINGE design patent technology, increase the frame in the wear process stability, not easy to deformation and durability. Flow lines, perfect matching all kinds of face. Recommended reading: cherry blossom season less pink sunglasses how line scanty sweet gold has never given up his progress and explore, in the determination of the best, and strong intellectual curiosity, face to face with the unknown new areas. Inspired by the round glasses that are rich in knowledge tutelage has evolved, extreme thin and comfortable classic metal frame, highlight the vogue of gentle temperament, as they are contracted to be better the connotation of a delicate flat lens.
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