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Jiangsu styrene market encounters Waterloo---pc lens factory

by:Eugenia     2022-01-04
Last week, Jiangsu's styrene market encountered Waterloo, and the market took a sharp turn. The spot cost transmission of 11900-12000 yuan/ton has already slammed the mentality of the industry. The global stock market plummet has become the last straw to overwhelm the styrene market. Jiangsu's styrene market encountered Waterloo. From the perspective of the external environment, the direct factors that led to this round of market collapse, the three major U.S. stock indexes collectively closed up last Friday. At the beginning of this week, the Shanghai Stock Exchange opened lower, and it turned into a slight red shortly after it opened lower. With the recovery of the outside world, the mentality of the industry tends to be calm. Beginning last Friday, the spot price of around 11,500 yuan/ton has basically fallen to psychological expectations, and terminals and some businesses have begun to purchase on the market. From the fundamental analysis of supply and demand, it is understood that domestic styrene manufacturers have no inventory pressure, and the finished products and raw materials of major downstream manufacturers are mostly at a low level. Moreover, in the face of the current spot price of 11400-11500 yuan/ton, styrene manufacturers in East China are less interested in shipments. In terms of imported cargo, as far as I know, there will be a significant reduction in the volume of ships arriving after October 19, and the current mainstream reservoir area still maintains a relatively fast pick-up speed. Last Friday, with a spot source of 11,400 yuan/ton in Shandong, users in Shandong were actively purchasing, and bulk sources were quickly booked. In addition, whether the raw material gaps of SECCO parking for maintenance and other contract customers have been prepared in advance is still a matter of concern. To sum up, for the recent market, perhaps there should be a round of rebound in the market. As for the magnitude and duration of the rebound, it is still restricted by many factors such as industry mentality, actual demand, and external markets. Keywords: pc lens factory
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