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Kim nanjoo wearing 2016 chun xia fashionable sunglasses interpret elegance

by:Eugenia     2020-07-25
Italy famous brand Salvatore Ferragamo and south Korean actress Kim nanjoo ( Namju金) Cooperation, deduce Salvatore Ferragamo glasses series new spring and summer, and for south Korean version of 'Claire' and 'hope' for project. Kim nanjoo in too much of the south Korean popular television dramas, including 'queen wife' and 'reverse the queen' and 'shun cane on you', its performance is highly appreciated. In addition to the outstanding performance, she is famous for its beauty and elegance, front reveals the modern women's confidence behind the scenes. Is taken on the same day, Kim nanjoo worn with classic Gancino rings logo design of the new sun glasses, with modern methods to deduce the classic, interpretation of avant-garde innovation and high standard luxury, arouse the lady in the pursuit of fashion. New series of details, such as crystal and decorative elements to create distinctive style glasses. Kim nanjoo wear glasses Salvatore Ferragamo new spring and summer series glasses photos, she said: 'I really like the Salvatore Ferragamo sunglasses, fashion modeling and wears and comfortable, is the icing on the cake for any model. 'Salvatore Ferragamo 2016 chun xia series glasses brand new classic elegance and fashion of the eternal. 2016 chun xia female sunglasses series SF811SA Signature Signature series with modern methods to deduce the classic frame, Gancio logo emblazoned with picture frame on both sides, make a bold fashion design. Coloring rich luxury, emphasizing the unique metal details, line black with gray, brown, turquoise, blue, purple, wine red and orange, etc. , at the same time more noble unique crystal and its water snake series. SF800SA. This glasses have fashionable feeling extremely large picture frame design, and details will Gancino metal ACTS the role of the hinge, the chic and classic. Series with black, tortoise shell color, purple, and red wine. SF803SA. This glasses to use natural and tonal create classic style glasses, send out a noble elegant breath. Circular frame compose with metal double Gancino design, fully display the brand character, more dash forward show Italy meticulous originality process, series with black, tortoise shell color, purple, and red wine.
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