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Lens anti-fog agent, the anti-fog gel praised by glasses professionals_Industry News_

by:Eugenia     2022-03-01
The anti-fog needs of spectacle lenses are not only for cooking, drinking soup, and eating noodles. In a crowded bus or subway car full of passengers, wearing a mask when you have a cold or wind and sand, during vigorous exercise, when there is a large temperature difference between outdoor and indoor... People without glasses can hardly imagine people with glasses How much the anti-fog function of the lens is needed. The new lens anti-fog gel 'ANTI-FOG Lens Cleaner Super Anti-fog Gel' developed by PROSBEN has not only been loved by eyeglass wearers, but also highly recommended by shop clerks and store managers of optical shops. Lens anti-fogging agent, anti-fog gel which is highly praised by eyeglass professionals. The previous lens anti-fogging liquid can also achieve anti-fogging effect, but the effect lasts for a short time. And this 'ANTI-FOGLens Cleaner Super Anti-Fog Gel' maintains the effect for a long time, and can maintain the anti-fog effect for three days. The packaging is made of plastic tubes, each 5 grams, and each time you only need to squeeze out the size of a rice grain to apply the lenses, and one can be applied 30 to 40 times. Usually put it in the glasses case and will not take up space. Of course, in addition to ordinary lenses, sunglasses, industrial goggles, sports sunglasses and other lenses are suitable. The use method is very simple, squeeze out a small lump of rice grain size and put it on the pulp of the fingertip, and then use the pulp of the first joint of the finger to evenly apply the anti-fog gel to the inner and outer sides of the lens. After applying a thin layer, wipe off the excess with a soft paper towel, etc. Be careful not to wipe hard with the glasses cloth, which will weaken the anti-fog effect. It should be noted that after smearing once, the effect can be maintained for one to three days depending on the situation. During this process, every time the lens is wiped with a glasses cloth, the anti-fog effect will decrease. Try to avoid rinsing with running water or wiping with a fine-fiber lens cleaning cloth during this period.
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